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The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish provides these links as a service. The Department does not necessarily endorse, agree, nor can we assure the accuracy of the information that is contained within these websites.

While the Department will make every effort to insure that links remain current we ask your assistance by notifying us if a site becomes obsolete.

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Links

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Habitat Handbook

New Mexico Department Threatened and Endangered Species

SWReGAP habitat types

Threatened and Endangered Fishes of New Mexico 1999

General Agency and University Links

Bureau of Land Management Home Page

New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau

Natural Resources Conservation Services

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque/

U.S. Forest Service Home Page

U.S. Fish & Wildlife

UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology

GIS and Map Links

Gap Analysis Program Species Viewer

Land Survey Information System

Natureserve Conservation and species GIS Data

New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System Program (RGIS)

National Atlas

USGS National Map

Habitat Management Information Links

Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Page

Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Technical Guidance

Fire Effects Information Center

National Forests Restoration

National Wetlands Inventory Home Page

Natural Resource Conservation Service Wetlands Conservation

On-line Training in Watershed Management

Soil Bioengineering Guide for Streambank and Lakeshore Stabilization

Stream Corridor Restoration Principles, Processes, and Practices

USGS National Wetlands Research Center

USGS Surface Water Information Pages

USGS Real-Time Streamflow Data for New Mexico

Invasive Species Links

USGS Non-indigenous Aquatic Species

Noxious Weeds list for NM

Guide to Federal and State invasive species programs

Literature Links

Science.gov search engine

Plant Links

New Mexico Rare Plants

Plants Database

Western Wetland Flora

Wildland Shrubs

Species Information Links

Animal Habitat modeling

Arizona Heritage Species Accounts

Biodiversity Information, Species Occurrences

Colorado Herpetology Atlas

Conservation Management Institute

Cornell Birds

Fish and Wildlife Service Threatened and Endangered Species Reports

Natural Heritage New Mexico


New Mexico Ornithological Society Database

Patuxent Bird Population Studies

USDA Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

USGS Status and Trends of the Nation's Biological Resources

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Threatened & Endangered Species by state