Glossary Definition
Taxonomic Group
This field is for coding the primary taxonomic groups (i.e. fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds etc.) represented in BISON-M.
Glossary Definition
This is a list of counties in the State of New Mexico where the species is known to occur. Note: The '999 - New Mexico' code was added to the list of counties for coding 'NM state distribution' information. This is necessary when county-level distribution for that species is not available.
Glossary Definition
Gap Vegetation
This is a list of the GAP Vegetation codes for New Mexico. This field includes the entire hierarchical structure of the vegetation classification system from the NM GAP project.
Glossary Definition
This code field contains additional details about the habitat of the species.
Glossary Definition
Land Use
This lists the land use/land cover associations for the species. The codes are from Anderson's Land Use/Land Cover classification scheme. (Keep in mind these codes were created to code land masses as depicted in aerial photographs, primarily remote sensing.)
Glossary Definition
Other Distribution
Lands under various ownerships have been assigned 5-digit codes and entered into a list of recognized parcels. Each land owner has been assigned a two-digit prefix in the 5-digit code to simplify identification.
Glossary Definition
State codes represent state distribution (e.g., extant, extirpated, accidental).
Glossary Definition
These codes indicate the legal or economic status of the species.
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Find a Species Booklet
Find a specific species by name or taxonomic group.
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Species Report
Run pre-made reports that search based on one or two fields.
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Database Query
Run custom reports that search on up to eight commonly-used fields.
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Power Search
Run custom reports that search on any of the BISON-M database fields.
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